RPZ valves :- Q & A

It is a "Reduced Pressure Zone Valve". It is a COST EFFECTIVE method of protecting clean water from contamination.

It is a BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICE. It protects potable ( wholesome / drinking ) water from contamination.

Normally the RPZ valve is used in Commercial or Industrial Properties. But see the more expansive list of common uses.

Generally the RPZ valve will be fitted to a water supply pipework. It will have three or four "test cocks" on the upper side of the valve and will have a drainage port or relief valve which is capable of releasing fluid to drain on the lower side.

In the UK, RPZ valves are only approved for HORIZONTAL INSTALLATION. We have seen several instances where Qualified & Experienced Plumbers have incorrectly installed RPZ valves vertically. It is unlikely that a vertically installed RPZ valve will function correctly. If Plumber installs the RPZ valve incorrectly & without permission from the Water Authorities, the Plumber is probably committing a criminal offence.

Only approved & qualified ACCREDITED RPZ VALVE TESTERS can do this in the UK.

Phone this number & we can arrange this for you :- 0844 811 7374

We can. We strongly advise that you only use the services of a properly qualified Accredited Tester. Call us for more information.


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